For over past several months, the I Am You 360 team has been working on constructing their Small Home Experience. The small homes are for foster youth aging out of the system, around 18 to 22 years old.

“We’re creating whole ‘healed people throughout housing’ program,” Desiree Cook, the founder and CEO of I Am You 360, said.

The small homes are nearly complete, except the interior like flooring and cabinets.

“We need to finish the walls, cabinets, counter space and flooring,” she said. “Those are the things they need to be move-in ready.”

The young adults will be in the program for two to three years. During that time, they’ll save their rent in an escrow account to help them become ready to buy a house when they’re done in the I Am You 360 program. The program will provide life skills classes and other services to help the young adults thrive.

“You can’t ask this population to be successful without giving them the tools to be successful,” she said.

Now, the team is looking for donations to help them finish the interior of the houses. Donations can be made on their website here.