New bike boulevards are coming to Tucsons west side. The city’s project manager says it will increase safety for both riders and drivers.

The investment is welcome news at Transit Cycles, the west sides only bike shop.

It’s owned by Jenna Majchrzak.

She supports the expansion plans, especially with the number of schools in the area.

Anything to help with more kids on bikes and get them from home to school safely, I think thats a great idea, Majchrzak said.

Collin Chesston is the projects manager for the city of Tucson.

He believes the bike boulevards are great alternatives to bike lanes on busy streets, which he says citizens can be hesitant to use.

Weve really shifted our approach, to take a low speed local street and make it a safe place for everybody to ride,” Chesston said.

The project also hopes to reduce incidents between cyclists and drivers, who occasionally are at odds with one another.

If you look really closely at a bicycle you realize its not a car, so you need to treat it differently,” Transit Cycles employee Sebastian Matthews said.

Overall, bikers hope the city of Tucson continues to invest in the west sides growing community.

The more the bettersafer routes, where cyclists dont have to stop at every light or be stuck in traffic is better for everyone,” Ian Hodges said.

Construction is expected to begin in the middle of 2024.