The Manzo Bike Club on the Westside is helping kids learn how to ride a bike. Their El Groupo Clubhouse is at 610 N. 9th Ave.

Ernesto Suarez didnt know how to ride until he joined the club at the start of the school year.

I used to be scared of riding and falling on concrete or rocks or something,” Suarez shared.

Getting over his fear of riding a bike is a big accomplishment for him.

I rode around, and I was practicing it, and then I got into it,” Suarez said.

Helping coach the kids is David Walker.

I have been a bike enthusiast for 50 years,” Walker said.

Hes now passing on that expertise to the next generation of bikers, providing these free of charge:

Bikes Helmets Coaching

It is kind of a low-income thing, and El Grupo and the county provides bikes for the program,” Walker said.

If you’re interested in your child joining their group, please visit the Manzo Bike Club’s website.