Pima Countys Transition Center opened six months ago on the west side.

The goals of the center was to help repeat offenders, and lower the population in the Pima County Jail.

Weve seen a little over 500 people come through our doors,” Program manager Doyle Morrison said.

After being open for six months, the Transition Center made a report to the Pima County Board of Supervisors about their work so far.

Since the center opened, the rate of people being booked back into jail 30 days after release has dropped from 27% percent to 10%.

The jail’s population has also declined, but Morrison said it’s too soon to tell if this is just a natural decline or if it’s due to the work of the center or other county initiatives.

KGUN 9 was able to speak with one of the people the Transition Center has helped, who requested to not have his name shared.

Now Im just really trying to move forward and not look back,” he said.

Adding over the years he has had multiple run-ins with the law, but after his most recent offense the Transition Center was up and running.

He decided to take advantage, and get help from one of the navigators.

I just ended up messing up, and when I came out this place was here,” he said. “Finding this place made me realize there are people that care.

Transition center navigators helped get him set up with a local mentor to prevent re-arrest and other resources.

While there is more work to be done, Morrison says these stories show them the work theyre doing matters.

Thats why we come to work. Is to let people know theyre people, theyre human,” Morrison said. “Theyre not judged by the worst decision or worst mistake theyve made in their lives.

The Transition Center is always looking for local organizations to partner with for their mission.

You can contact them at jstransitioncenter@pima.gov, or give them a call at (520) 724-2463.

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