While basketball season is still months away, the Pima Community College Aztecs are already preparing.

In the off season, assistant coach, Marsharne Flannigan has an interesting way of training his athletes.

Born and raised in Tucson, Flannigan has always had a passion for basketball.

Basketball is something Ive played my entire life, Flannigan said. “Its the game I love, it’s something that motivates me, it excites me, I think about it consistently all day every day.

Flannigan has been with the Aztecs for the past three years.

Hes done a lot for us,” Dillan Baker, Pima Aztec sophomore said. “Coach Flann, hes always there for us, whether youre a big or a guard hes always looking for ways to change your game and off the court hes doing a lot for us and probably the most out of any coach Ive ever seen.

Apart from being the assistant basketball coach, Flannigan also runs the strength and fitness center at PCC.

Over the past three years he has implemented something different in his athletes’ workouts

Well lift probably four times a week and then on the fifth day well do yoga,” Flannigan said.

Flannigan uses yoga as a way to calm his athletes’ mental state as well as help them with their flexibility.

I love yoga,” Nikko Pentelute, Pima Aztec sophomore said. “I did it a little bit before I got here but he really put me on to it and I think its helped me a lot.

While players like Pentelute came in liking yoga, it took others a little longer to get used it.

It was surprising at first for sure, you know, Ive never done it before but eventually it paid off,” Baker said.

Aztec basketball still has a little ways to go before the season which means more time for yoga.



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