The Reid Park Zoo announced that Anna, a female Grevy’s zebra at the zoo, is pregnant and expecting a foal in early 2024, according to a story on the zoo’s website.

This will be Annas third offspring with Ben, the Zoos male Grevys zebra. Grevys zebras are endangered with approximately 2,000 of the species left in Kenya and Ethiopia.

The Zoo is also welcoming Zuri, a new mature female Grevys zebra to its herd. Zuri and Anna were recently introduced and can be seen in their habitat together. An experienced mother herself, Zuri will be a help for Anna and her new foal once it is born. Zuri will also be a great companion for Ben and the two have a breeding recommendation through the Grevys Zebra Species Survival (SSP) Program.

We are thrilled to have Zuri here as a new member of our zebra herd and to help Anna when the new foal is born, said Nancy Kluge, Reid Park Zoos President & CEO, said in the website story. Zuri has a calm demeanor and will be a great presence in the habitat.

Meanwhile, Haroo, who was born to Ben and Anna at Reid Park Zoo in 2021, has matured and the time came for him to move away from mom and into a herd of his own. Haroo was recently transferred to another zoo, where he will finish growing into adulthood and assume an important role as a breeding male within his own herd. We are so happy for Haroo to see him thrive and enter the next significant stage of his life, said Kluge.

Reid Park Zoo participates in the Grevys Zebra Species Survival Plan, which works cooperatively to ensure a genetically healthy population of Grevys zebras within AZA-accredited zoos and supports Grevys zebra conservation in Africa.

Its exciting to be part of the SSP program and to do our part to ensure these majestic animals are in our world for the long-term, said Kluge.