Half of the 110 animals at the Nancy J. Brua Animal Shelter, located in Sierra Vista, are dogs. Leaving two spare kennels in the back of the building. The Friends of the Sierra Vista Animal Shelter are hoping a new fundraiser can help shed light on some of the shelter’s longest residents, like Ransom.

Ransom has been at the shelter for more than 700 days and is waiting to find her forever home. She is one of the 10 dogs competing in Sunday’s pet parade at Doc’s Watering Hole. President of the Friends of the Sierra Vista Animal Shelter, Dion Ethell, says the event has two purposes: to raise money for the shelter and to allow the community to see 30 of the dogs that are currently in the shelter.

A lot of these dogs will fit into your family and these dogs arent broken, he said.

Ten dogs will compete for ribbons that they and their adopted family will keep. Local businesses sponsored the dogs, so the adoption fees are waived. Animal Shelter Supervisor, Arleen Garcia, says she’s excited for this new and one-of-a-kind event that can help the animals at the shelter.

Itll definitely be a different environment to show them off and hopefully get them adapted, the ones that have especially been here a long time, she said.

In addition to the competitors, 20 other dogs will be featured with pictures to get their faces out to the community. They too have been sponsored so the adoption fee is covered. Garcia said she didn’t think they’d get as many sponsors as they have, with this being the first year of the event. She hopes by bring the dogs to the community, people will see their true personalities.

When people come to the shelter they usually see so to speak behind bars in their kennel. And they react so differently while in their kennel,” Garcia said. “So why not feature them to the community in a different type of environment.

The competitors will have two chances to compete on Sunday, because according to Ethell, all dogs deserve a second chance. Especially when finding their forever home.

Maybe that dog didnt fit in with that person but that doesnt mean their second home or their second chance isnt going to be the most perfect home,” Garcia said. “There is a person for every dog out there, and Im a firm believer of that.

She and Ethell agree, the the pet show gives more people an opportunity to see the dogs, and may help find their second chance especially for the dogs whove been at the shelter for over a year.

The event will be Sunday from 11 a.m to 2 p.m. at Doc’s Watering Hole. Ethell says the competition will be held in the back ally behind the restaurant but their will be a live feed for people to watch inside the restaurant. There will also be a silent auction to raise money for the shelter and it’s community facing programs.