Why, Arizona is named after the Y-shaped intersection made by State Routes 85 and 86.

And on the edge of Why sits the Rock and Jewelry Shop.

The two employees will know youre there when you honk your car horn.

Dave Laskiewicz has a short 10-step commute from his house to the shop, and he shows me around inside.

They have treasures of all shapes and sizes from all around the world, but many come from right here in Arizona.

“Basically a lot of Chrysocolla, this is Ajo rock,” Laskiewicz said.

He says Arizona is a great place to source materials for his jewelry making because of the states abandoned mines and geological features.

Laskiewicz adds he is able to go around old mines to find many of their rocks.

Arizona has a vast variety of minerals and gems. You name it, its here.

Despite the great collection, Laskiewicz says the Rock Shop often gets passed by.

We get very few customers, most people are in a big hurry to get to Rocky Point and spend their money,” Laskiewicz said.

He says the next time you drive through Why, why not make a quick stop?

We have a good variety of rocks, were good people. Bring some business to Why,” Laskiewicz said.