Tucson Roadrunners defenseman Victor Sodestrom shows off a black protective neck brace he recently started wearing.

“I tried to order it as fast as possible,” Sodestrom said.

It was just a few weeks ago when former NHL player Adam Johnson, then playing for a league in England, died after the blade from an opponent’s skate struck him in the neck.

“I just looked at the video because it was so scary,” said Sodestrom.

Today, the player who made contact with Johnson, Matt Petgrave, was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter charges. Johnson’s death, which came hours after the incident at a hospital, has prompted players and team to rethink safety equipment. Sodestrom, who’s brace is made from cut resistant material, is currently the only Roadrunner wearing one.

“I think a lot of guys are more open to the idea than ever before,” said Roadrunners trainer Jordan Ellis. “A lot of guys don’t like changing things during the season. So, a lot of things get changed in the summer. I think what’s going to be the most popular is a turtleneck style that is part of a shirt they are wearing that will offer more neck protection.”

Sodestrom, an NHL prospect who was the Arizona Coyotes first round draft pick in 2019, isn’t waiting after what may or may not be a freak accident on the ice.

“If you can have any extra small little guard that protects your neck to prevent something like that from happening, for me it would be stupid not to wear it,” said Sodestrom.