Nancy Hosford is the pickleball professional at Tucson Country Club, and she founded All-In Youth Pickleball, which is designed to introduce the sport to underprivileged children in Tucson. Recently, she took it a step further when she, and three other All-In coaches helped introduce the sport to Bhutan.

“There were more that wanted to come,” said Hoford, who had wanted to visit a Buddhist country.

Bhutan is located in southern Asia, and it has a population of under a million people.

“It’s a beautiful country,” said Audrey Campbell, who went on the trip. “It’s green and lush. It was just an opportunity to embrace so many things that I love such as pickleball, hiking, and meeting people in a new culture.”

The four Tucson coaches spent two weeks in Bhutan introducing, teaching, and coaching the sport of pickleball.

“They loved us,” said Hosford. “We were the Arizona girls.”

“I can’t tell you enough how much I love those people,” said Campbell. “And, how welcoming and loving and kind they were.”

“It was life altering,” said Hosford.

“Everywhere we went, everything we did, they started off by having us sit in a place of honor,” said Cambpell.

In return, the Tucson coaches received an appreciation of Bhutanese culture.

“Their traditional attire is colorful and beautiful,” said Campbell. “Everyone is happy.”

Hosford has a return trip planned for March.

“I want to go back and coach the coach who we picked,” said Hosford.