The wife of Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” is now a free woman.

Emma Coronel Aispuro was released from prison on Wednesday after serving a three-year sentence for money laundering and drug trafficking charges.

Aispuro pleaded guilty in 2021 to three federal charges related to her husband’s crimes and her involvement with the Sinaloa cartel, including conspiring intentionally and willingly to distribute heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine over an extended period.

During her trail, Aispuro said that she felt a true regret for any and all harm.

Before her release, she was transferred from a Texas prison to a California halfway house. She will now undergo four years of supervised release.

Her husband, whose real name is Joaquin Guzman, managed two prison escapes in Mexico, and in 2015 she helped him escape by providing a GPS watch disguised as food, enabling the tunnel diggers to locate and free him.

Guzman was recaptured in 2016 and convicted of criminal enterprise, drug trafficking and firearms charges in 2019 and is currently serving a life sentence in Colorado’s Supermax prison.

“El Chapo” led the Sinaloa cartel, one of the world’s most powerful drug-trafficking syndicates, headquartered in Culiacn, Sinaloa, Mexico. 

 Following his arrest, his four sons took over the leadership of the cartel. So far, only one of them has been captured, but all face indictments from U.S. authorities.

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