The three fires in Hereford and Palominas last week have been ruled as human-caused.

Palominas Fire Chief Jon Buonnacorsi said a loose chain on a vehicle driving on State Route 92 caused the fires. He said because the fires started so close to the road, and the fact that all the fires started one after another, are indication that a loose chain was the culprit.

The Wildhorse Fire was the largest due to two fires combining into one. It burned more than 600 acres in the heavily residential area but didn’t damage any houses. Neighbors in the Three Canyons development worked together to help make sure everyone evacuated the neighborhood safely.

It was shocking,” Fran Mattera, a resident of Three Canyons, said. “All the black and the smoldering. Uh theres a plastic fence by the entry, it was melted. It was just so sad.

Local and federal fire crews extinguished the fire six hours after it started. Robert Gallucci, who lives in the Three Canyons housing development, said he was surprised to see that every house in the neighborhood was safe after such a big fire.

Not one house was burned down, which I mean you want to talk about how good people are at their job those guys are amazing,” he said. “I mean those guys are heroes. Those guys are unbelievable.

Fry Fire deputy chief Kaleb Mauzy said the fire moved quickly but they were able to keep the houses safe because of how well the homeowners maintained their property.

They essentially saved their house as much as we did,” he said. “If they let their grass grow right up to their house, and not mowed, we would not have been able to save every house out there. It was true team effort.

Mauzy says during wildfire season it’s important to have a “defensible space” around your home so a fire doesn’t have fuel to get close to a home. Fry Fire has a program where they will educate homeowners on how they can be more ‘firewise’ and best protect a house.