The City of Willcox was recently awarded new grant funding to purchase license plate reading cameras.

Cochise County leaders say the cameras will be used to reference license plate numbers against a database, containing information on license plate numbers tied to Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, stolen cars, and vehicles registered in the Arizona Crime Information Center. The cameras will also allow for more coordinated efforts between law enforcement agencies across the state.

If a license plate caught by the cameras is confirmed within the database, an alert will be sent to law enforcement with the last known location of the vehicle.

Cochise County leaders say these cameras do not record videos or drivers. The cameras also do not check for speed, expired registration, or expired insurance.

All data captured by the cameras are continuously deleted after 30 days. Any time footage from the cameras is viewed, it gets documented in the system. All requests to access the data must be approved by the Willcox Department of Public Safety.



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