Have you noticed those cooler temperatures?

Well theyre going to stick around for the first few days of this week and were also going to be seeing some wind. That wind is blowing from the northern part of the United States and going down towards the western part of the country before going east, so we will definitely be feeling it in Southern Arizona.

We saw wind speeds that were at least 8 miles per hour, but wind gusts reached up to at least 29 miles per hour in places like Nogales.

These winds are bringing an air quality warning Tuesday for places like Oro Valley, Marana, Tucson, and Green Valley. Thats because the wind is kicking up some dust, so if you have any plants with soil, cover them so the dirt doesnt blow everywhere.

The Tucson metro area will see low temperatures tomorrow ranging from the low to upper forties before seeing some high temperatures in the seventies.

However, dont get too used to the seventies because we will be seeing 80 degrees starting on Wednesday and shocker..the nineties will be back next week on Monday.

If you thought we were done with the summer-like temps, dont underestimate our beautiful state!

The air quality warning is not the only warning that is going to come to Southern Arizona. Please like Cochise County and parts of Graham County are going to see a freeze warning overnight going into Tuesday morning.

Remember the 4 Ps: protect your pipes, plants, pets and people!

Sierra Vista will be seeing the sixties on Tuesday and Wednesday and starting Thursday will see the low seventies before seeing the high seventies this weekend.



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