Its officially Spooky Season so if you havent already, bring out your pumpkins and ghosts, but you also might’ve needed a flannel with the wind we got today.

Today in Tucson we saw the lower nineties, but in some places of the Tucson metro area like Vail, we saw the upper eighties. Places like Ajo and Sells also saw the upper eighties, but Cochise County saw the lower eighties.

We also got something that we saw yesterday afternoon and that was the wind, and when we get heavy winds and a little bit of heat, it creates the perfect conditions for a red flag warning, which was in effect until 6 P.M.

That warning means the conditions were especially sensitive for fires, which could’ve spread faster than usual.

A lot of that wind was coming from the west, blowing towards California and into Arizona and finally reaching New Mexico. That’s why if you are on the New Mexico-Arizona border, you will likely see more wind.

Are we getting any rain though? Sorry to disappoint but it doesn’t look like we’re going to get rain, at least in the next few days. Yesterday we closed out monsoon and it seems as if we didn’t get nearly as much rain as we have averaged in past years.

As we head into the night we will be seeing the mid seventies in Tucson. That wind will make a comeback tomorrow but in the days to come after, it will die down.

Monday we will reach a low of 59 in Tucson and a perfect high of 85 degrees.

As for the rest of the week, Tucson will reach its hottest temperature on Thursday at 94 degrees then slightly cool down to 92 on Saturday.


In Sierra Vista the low tomorrow will be 59 and the high will be 80. We will be reaching 86 degrees on Thursday and dip down to 80 degrees on Saturday.

We arent seeing as much wind here as in Tucson, and that will only die down even more in the next few days. As for rain, well dont bring out your umbrellas yet. But bring out a jack-o-lantern. Or two!



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