The Arizona Department of Transportation is taking a break from its usual stable of safety messages, such as “Drive Hammered, Get Nailed,” this Labor Day Weekend to showcase the winning entries of its safety message contest.

If you find yourself on the road and look up at the electronic signs found throughout the state, you’ll most likely see one of two phrases: “Seatbelts always pass the vibe check” or “I’m just a sign asking a driver to use turn signals.”

The two messages were tapped as the best of the best from an estimated 3,700 entries.

“Seatbelts always pass the vibe check” comes from Elise Riker, a business professor at Arizona State University, from Chandler.

The “I’m just a sign” message was submitted by Gina Finkelstein, a software support engineer from Mesa, who looked to the 1999 Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant film “Notting Hill” for inspiration.

“Using turn signals before you turn makes you a total star,” Finkelstein said in a news release from ADOT.

Riker and Finkelstein were invited to ADOT’s Traffic Operations Center in Phoenix on Friday to type their traffic safety messages into the system, the news release said.