During an all-day event at the Borderlands Brewing Company Production Facility in Tucson, female brewers from Arizona and from different parts of Mexico came together to share their love for the craft.

Were so honored to celebrate this years third Las Hermanas beer collaboration project, said Ayla Kapahi, Director of Production for Borderlands Brewing Company. This is a project where we brew with women all throughout Arizona and Mexico. We brew the same beer on both sides of the US/Mexico border.

Kapahai said the planning for this event started at the beginning of this year. However this isnt their first event and certainly isnt their last.

These collaborations have been years in the making. Our network of women brewers throughout Arizona and Mexico have just blossomed and continued to expand, said Kapahi.

About fifty women brewers attended the event on July 28.

Selva Zamudio was one of the events attendees. She has been brewing for a year and said it is her passion.

I found that it is the thing I like most Its my passion, I love it so much, said Zamudio.

Zamudio said that she worked hard to save money over the last six weeks to be able to come to the event, traveling from Mexico City.

Its kind of difficult to work in this industry being a woman so meeting other women and getting to do this all together – it’s beautiful, Zamudio said.

Kapahi, who is also the Head Brewer at Borderlands Brewing Company, explained that some roles in the industry are very male-dominated.

There are a lot of women who are increasingly involved in craft beer, however, the number of women in head brewing positions is still under 10%, so theres still a lot of work to be done, said Kapahi.

However, Kapahi said that events such as this one help to inspire women in the industry.

Learning from each other and making connections is the heart of this collaboration, said Kapahi. Ive been in the industry for eight years and Im still learning something every single time we put on these productions.

Zamudio said she was having a great experience.

Im super happy, its been beautiful, the people here are great, everything has been amazing, said Zamudio. Im super super super happy to be here.

In a few months Las Hermanas will be in Guadalajara brewing the same beer they brewed in Tucson.

The beer that was brewed at the event will be ready in September, just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month.