Iliana Juarez knew her calling at a young age. Now, as a first year engineering student, she’s one step closer to her goal.

“When I was little, I would travel to Mexico and I would see the infrastructure and I’d be like, wow, these people are really struggling for basic needs. Maybe I’ll go back and help one day.” ~ Iliana Juarez

For Iliana, seeing females like herself in STEM isn’t that common.

First year students in the college of engineering is about 30% women. Civil engineering overall, first year through graduation is about 25% women.

Building Pathways at the University of Arizona tries to integrate community, building and academic success components into student’s civil engineering experience.

They’re hoping more females pursue a career in STEM, making the entire curriculum feel less intimidating and more personable.

Until that number grows, female students are proud to be a minority.

Building Pathways gives students a chance to see what their day to day will look like after graduation.