A WWII veteran and Green Valley resident celebrated his 101st birthday on March 21.

Richard Bushong was part of the 390th Bomb Group. According to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, the group flew 301 combat missions out of England.

Bushong served in the military for 32 years and now spends every Thursday working at the 390th Memorial Museum located at 6000 E. Valencia Rd on the southeast side. While at work he shares his personal war stories with crowds of people. Its also where he spent the day for his milestone birthday.

He jokingly said, Its my museum now since Im the only 390th guy around. He began working at the museum in 1992.

He later wrote a book titled, “My Wars” where he shares his stories from serving in WWII through the Vietnam War. Every Thursday while hes at work, people line up to get their copies of the book signed by him.

At 101, he is still very sharp and has a great sense of humor. He said the secret to living as long as him is having a younger girlfriend. His girlfriend is 97.