Holiday travel is picking up and so is virus season.

This week, Pima County saw an increase in flu and RSV cases as well as emergency visits for respiratory virus symptoms while COVID cases declined.

This is the first year that we actually have vaccines available to protect against all three of these viruses,” said Epidemiologist Eleana Acosta Zavala.

“So theres something to protect you from RSV, something to protect you from the flu or influenza and something to protect you from COVID-19.

Acosta Zavala acknowledges that making three separate appointments can be overwhelming. But there are instances where people can get all three shots in one visit, after consulting a primary care physician.

Theres no contraindication to being able to have to just get one and waiting a certain period of time,” Acosta Zavala said. “Side effects should be minor, other than maybe some pain on the site and the combination of…getting three (shots).

It takes about two weeks for the immunity to build up after getting vaccinated, but there’s still time to get your shots after the holidays. Peak respiratory virus season doesnt wrap up until late spring.

It’s also recommended that people follow normal precautions too, especially while traveling and in large gatherings.

This includes washing hands, staying hydrated, exercising and wearing a properly-fitting mask while ill.

However, its not the end of the world if someone does get sick with one of these respiratory viruses because we do have treatment available,” she said.

Weekly health trends can be tracked on the Pima County Health Department website.