Shortly after 9 p.m. on Wednesday night, Bisbee Fire Department responded to a fire on Main Street at the businesses, Many Fine Things and Bisbee Oil and Vinegar .

TEAM COVERAGE: Fire in Bisbee burns two buildings on Main Street

The tourist town is usually busy with people going in and out of stores and restaurants, but on Thursday several businesses remained closed. Law enforcement blocked off a portion of Main Street which blocked off access to six different businesses. However, a handful of other nearby businesses also had their doors shut.

One tourist said he saw the light of the fire from his hotel room last night and thought maybe the town was having an event for Valentines Day. He then realized it was a building on fire. He and his partner had arrived in Bisbee on Wednesday shortly before the fire.

Bisbee resident, Nolan Gouguet explained how it felt not seeing the town as it usually is.

You dont really know what you got until its gone, Gouguet said. Were so used to seeing people strolling up and down, checking out the restaurants and the stores and stuff. So its just a sad day when its like this.

He also went on to explain the worry it caused the community.

Bisbee is such a quaint place and when I came up and saw everything going on it was just worrisome, explained Gouguet. Bisbee is such a small town, word just spreads, so everyone is just really worried and trying to figure out what happened and nobody really knows.



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