For the cycling in El Grupo Youth Cycling, this week marked the beginning of their annual summer camp. Each day the campers are learning about all things cycling from safety to different bike tricks.

Julia Moreno has cycled in El Grupo summer camp for the last four years. She said it’s one of the best things to do during the summer because she’s learning new things and making new friends.

“I really like trying new things and pushing my limits,” she said. “I’ve never felt comfortable riding down stairs until about two years ago so that was a big improvement.”

For Maya Mcleod, it’s her second year at camp. She looks forward to the long ride where the group rides for about 15 miles. She’s learned how to be safe on her bike.

“I’ve learned how to check my bike and be safe on roads,” she said.

For three-weeks in June, different groups of campers gather at the El Grupo clubhouse and work on their skills. The campers and counselors play icebreaker games, go on long bike rides and eat lunch together.

“And while we’re riding places we work on safety and a lot of different skills,” Daniel Walker, one of the camp counselors, said. “We start our rides, we go to different places like parks or the U of A.”

And Mcleod said one of the best things is to make new friends.

“I can really be myself with the counselors and the kids around me,” she said.

The camp ends on June 23rd, but El Grupo cycles after school, all year around.