Here are this week’s adoptable pets going on Jersey’s Journeys to find their forever homes! They’re all up for adoption at Saving Animals From Euthanasia or SAFE. If you’re interested in adopting, please head to their website, for application information.

– Crow is a young black kitten. He’s a sweet little guy who loves to cuddle. His siblings have already been adopted, and now it’s his turn! He loves to curl up in your arms and be loved, and he really can’t wait to join your family.

– Claudia is a young gray tabby cat. She’s a curious little girl, who really just wants to be all up in your business. She was purring the whole time we met her, and wanted nothing more than to be the center of attention. She tried crawling up our legs, jumped onto our friend Ian’s back while he was talking about the puppies, and forced her head into our hands several times so we would pet her. She can’t wait to be the star of your life.

– Gizmo is a 4-month-old black-mouthed curr mix puppy (the one with the pot belly!) He’s as chill as can be at times, but also has his bursts of playfulness! Like any puppy, he’ll do best in a home that can give him some obedience training and work with him to grow up with good manners. But he’s a total lover, who loves being around other dogs and cats.

– Daisy is a 4-month-old black-mouthed curr mix puppy. She’s Gizmo’s sister, and is also just as sweet as can be! She’s a little bigger than her brother, but will also calmly sit in your arms while you parade her around. She’ll also do best in a home that can get her some training, but she’s a great little girl who will be a great family pet.