An asteroid sample from millions of miles in space-has made it to downtown Tucson.

The University of Arizonas Osiris Rex spacecraft managed to make it to an asteroid called Bennu, grab a sample, and bring it safely to Earth.

UA scientists, and researchers around the world are studying the sample which may offer clues to how our solar systemand even lifeformed.

Now you can view a tiny share of the sample at the University of Arizonas Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum. Its in the historic domed courthouse on Church Street downtown.

Dr. Dante Lauretta led the Osiris Rex mission. He gets a special feeling being close to the sample.

It’s a really ancient rock and I can kind of feel that in the presence of it. Just the story that’s painted here is our story, the story of our solar system. And I also think about all the people that worked so hard, so dedicated, so fervently to make this mission the amazing success that it was. All of their hopes and dreams and emotions are captured in those stones.

Osiris Rex collected about four and a quarter ounces of the asteroid. Thats still more than twice the amount required to make the mission a success.

UAs share is about one ounce, but precise analysis will let scientists study the sample for many years to come.