Whether you talk to parents, teachers, principals or grandparents, when it comes to a childs education, they’ll tell you that laying that groundwork early on is important for their future.

This is possible through events like Friday’s school choice fair at the University of Arizona.

“Its going to establish how its going to affect them in their adult life,” said Roxanne Dominguez, a mother of three boys.

Laying the groundwork for her childrens education is important, she says, especially at an age when kids are most curious about the evolving world around them.

“Whatever theyre curious about, we want to push them a little bit and help them go in that way if it makes them feel good about it, you know?”

Fridays fair was put on by Navigated Arizona, featuring nearly three dozen schools and upwards of 300 attendees wanting to learn more about educational programs across Southern Arizona for K-12.

“Navigated AZ is all about getting the word out,” said Kaitlin Harrier, the founding executive director.

Noah Vu-Latimer, a junior at the Sonoran Science Academy, spoke about how the school allowed him to foster his curiosities, eventually leading him to develop a love for robotics.

“I didnt want to join robotics originally. I liked biology; I liked the lab sciences,” he said. “When I saw upperclassmen working on these robots, fundraising, wearing their bright orange T-shirts, I was like, they look so happy, they look so united.”

With National School Choice Week kicking off on Monday, Harrier says educational opportunity events like these help parents and students find that perfect program for their needs.

“Even though my son is little, weve already experienced knowing that the right fit makes a difference,” she said. “You know when your child is in an environment where theyre learning, theyre thriving, and their needs are truly being met.”

NavigatEd Arizona offers services year-round. To learn more, click here.